Ristorante a Firenze Il Micio
Florence Restaurant Il Micio: Creative cooking to eat better and enjoy
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The restaurant

We started this experience by taking the little restaurant out in October, 1st 1986 and we were guided by passion and by the decision of making a particular restaurant out of it in five years. We wanted to create an elegant but not pretentious restaurant. A new restaurant in Florence to eat good dishes without spending a lot of money and first of all where to eat things you usually do not find in your everyday-way of cooking...
This is what we wanted and bet! That’s why our first motto was: “eating without being bored”, that is to say to eat for pleasure and not because you’re only hungry. We loved what we were doing so that we received many little gratifications and rewards through the years, that’s why after all (and 15 years…) we are still here and we long for it. Il Micio restaurant in Florence is still the little place it was (only 32 seats), nothing changes its little-bistrot atmosphere always warm and informal with its little tables, the elegant tablecloths and the crystal glasses that remind us of the genuine and warm way to welcome our “friends”.


Ristorante a Firenze Il Micio
Florence Restaurant Il Micio - Via Frà Bartolommeo 52 R - Tel: +39 055 573257 - Email: ristorante@ilmicio.it